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COILS - Shotgun

Coils, Eye Forward ('Shotgun')

  1. Place rubber belting for coils racks to rest on.
  2. Set one coil rack for each 10,000 pounds of coil weight (minimum of three) and lay beveled lumber on each side with the small edge facing up.     
    • For coils under 30,000 pounds, use small coil racks and beveled 4x4 lumber.
    • For coils over 30,000 pounds, use large coiled racks and beveled 6x6 lumber.
  3. Lay rubber belting and waterproof paper on timbers according to shipper's specifications, and set the coil on the timbers.
  4. Use edge protection at all points of contact.
  5. Secure pairs of chains in an X through the eye of the coil.  Use one chain for every 10,000 pounds of coil weight, plus an extra chain for safety.
  6. Secure a trip chain in front using wood blocking as shown to keep chain from touching the coil. 
  7. Secure a top chain over the top of the coil.

NOTE:  At least one chain or strap is required to be placed over the top of the coil.  Use rubber belting between the chain and coil.

  1. Tarp the load securely as required.
  2. Secure all loose equipment, including chains and binders, lumber, tarps, rubber belting, coil racks, edge protectors, and load bar.


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