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Coils - Eye to the Sky


Coils, Eye to the Sky

1.   After loading the coil on the trailer in the approved location, check the pallet and binding to make sure they are secure and in good condition.


2.   Using rubber belting, secure one chain over the top of the coil, centered on each side.


3.   Using rubber belting, secure two chains in an X over the coil, on top of the first chain.


4.   Be sure that the Xis spread over the coil to ensure that the coil will not slip out from under the chains.


5.   Using rubber belting, secure a trip chain around the front of the coil. If securing more than one coil, use one trip chain around the front of the front coil, and one around the rear of the rear coil.


6.   Tarp the load securely as required.


8.   Secure all loose equipment, including chains and binders, lumber, tarps, rubber belting, coil racks, edge protectors, and load bar.


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