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Slinkys - Eye to the Side

Coiled Rod (“Slinkys”), Eye to the Side

**If coil or groupings of coils equals 5000 pounds or greater, each must have coil racks and dunnage.**


1.   Place rubber belting for coil racks to rest on.


2.   Set up two small coil racks with 4”x4° lumber: one for the first coil


3.   Load the first coil in the rack.


4.   Secure the first coil with a strap as follows. Secure the strap from the winch side. Run the strap through the eye of the coil, over the top of the rod to the opposite side, and then through the eye of the rod again to the frame rail of the trailer. The strap will make an X in the center of the coil.


5.   Lay the remaining coils (except the last coil) against the first coil.


      6.   Load the last coil in the rack with 4”x4’ lumber.


7.   Secure all coils with straps in the manner described in step 3.


8.   Place a horseshoe strop through the eye of the front coil to prevent forward movement of the coils.


9.   Tarp the load securely as required.


10. Secure all loose equipment, including chains and binders, lumber tarps, rubber belting, coil racks, edge protectors, and load bar.



Under the current cargo securement regulations, all straps and chains must be secured inboard of the rub rails on both sides of the trailer unless it is impossible to do so.



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