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Slinkys - Shotgun




Coiled Rod (“Slinkys”), Shotgun


The alternate method of securing coiled rod is to construct a “spider web” over the front and rear coils in a row as follows:


CAUTION: Do not secure coiled rod against the permanent bulkhead of the trailer.


      1.    Set up the small coil racks and 4”x4’ beveled lumber (one set for each coil).


NOTE:  Use three coil racks for each set of 8-foot beveled lumber.


      2.    Lay the first coil on the racks.


3.   Pass the first chain in front of the coil and secure on both sides. Use a binder to make a loop out of the slack in the chain, and drape the loop over the top of the coil.


4.   Secure a chain toward the rear of the coil, pass it up through the top of the loop made from the other chain, and secure to the other side of the trailer. Tighten using binders on both sides as shown.


5.   Lay the remaining coils on the racks against the front coil.


6.   Secure the chains diagonally across each coil, using rubber belting under the chains.


7.   Secure the final coil using a “spider web” of two chains in the same manner as with the first, facing the opposite direction.


8.   Tarp the load securely as required.


9.   Secure all loose equipment, including chains and binders, lumber, tarps, rubber belting, coil racks, edge protectors, and load bar.


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